Katrina is a Registered Osteopath and Yoga teacher working in Richmond. She specialises in treating children and babies, pregnant and post-partum mothers as well as patients with chronic pain. 

She also teaches yoga to both adults and children.


I was really happy with my session. When you go looking for help with a problem that's causing you pain and worry, you really hope you find someone like Katrina. 

She was patient, took time to explain and made sure I understood the nature of the issue and what I could do to best manage it from here. I have every confidence I'm in safe hands and feel more positive about getting mobile and pain free.

- Nick

I came to see Katrina yesterday and I can only say that it was an excellent experience. She is a lovely girl and certainly knows what she is doing. So far the best Osteopath that I have come across and there have been many! I had no pain afterwards or today.


My daughter who is 6 years old fell over at school and hurt herself. I left it for a few days but she was not getting much better so I booked an appointment with Katrina.
Katrina is great with treating children. She was able to offer very effective and gentle treatment. We had 2 sessions and my daughter is so much better. Katrina also explained what she was doing during the treatment and explained the injury too. I would highly recommend her.

- Natalia