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Looking after you...
                                  ...and your little on

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Katrina is a Registered Osteopath working in Tunbridge Wells with extensive postgraduate specialist training. She specialises in treating children and babies, pregnant and post-partum women as well as patients with chronic conditions. 

Katrina takes an integrated and holistic approach in her treatment, using both structural and cranial osteopathic techniques.

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'Katrina is equal parts professional and compassionate - the perfect combination for a partner in treatment and recovery. The facilities are excellent and the care you receive effective and intelligent. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking an osteo for both long or short term treatments'​


'I wholeheartedly recommend Katrina as she magically brought me back to movement and even to exercising (a few session later)! Her techniques are simply fantastic considering that I was crying from pain...For those like me - who are chronically suffering for years and years with your lower back and hip or shoulder - wait no more! Katrina is a life savior!'​​


'I came to see Katrina yesterday and I can only say that it was an excellent experience. She is a lovely girl and certainly knows what she is doing. So far the best Osteopath that I have come across and there have been many! I had no pain afterwards or today.'


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