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Let's talk about Tummy Time!

What is tummy time?

Tummy time is, quite simply, the time your baby spends awake on their tummy. Tummy time should be incorporated into your baby’s daytime routine.

Why does my baby need tummy time?

Tummy time is important as it:

· helps to develop the necessary muscles in their backs, especially the upper back and neck

· helps your baby to develop their motor skills and encourages them to roll over and crawl

· varies the position your baby lies in, which can also help prevent head flattening (plagiocephaly).

When should I start tummy time?

You can try tummy time as soon as they are born, making sure that they are fully awake, and you watch them when doing so.

How long should my baby do tummy time each day?

Start by doing a few minutes at a time, several times a day. Then you can try longer tummy time sessions, building up to a full hour in total per day. For example, you can try 6 sessions of 10 minutes.

Here are some different ways to do tummy time:

Tummy-to-Tummy or Tummy-to-Chest

Place your baby on your own tummy or chest while you are lying on your back flat or propped up with pillows. This is a nice one to start with when your baby is little.

Tiger in the tree

Position one hand under their tummy and between their legs and carry baby tummy down. Use your other arm to supp­­ort baby’s head and neck. Hold your baby close to your body to help get baby accustomed to the position.

Hold on lap

You can place your baby across your lap, holding them securely so they don’t wriggle away.


Place a pillow, small towel or blanket under your baby’s chest to help him lift their head more easily. After 4 months they might not need these props anymore

What can I do if my baby hates tummy time?

· Try short sessions. Aim for just 2 minutes and work your way up

· Keep them entertained with toys. You could use brightly coloured toys, books or a baby mirror for them to look at.

· Eye contact. Get down to your baby’s eye level. They love seeing your face.

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